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Meet Elisa... she simply loves cats. 

She was frustrated because she simply can't stand the cold in the office while typing for several hours. Her hands are freezing and she has tons of work to do. 

Not to mention, winter is approaching and whenever she is on her way home, she has to tuck her entire hands in her jacket to ensure that they are kept warm. 

One day, she found these marvelous cat fingerless gloves on an online store and decided to get them. 

When she got them, she screamed with joy as it was extremely cosy to wear and fits her hands nicely.

Ever since, she has not been whining about the cold air conditioners in the office. She wears them with pride on the streets, her hands no longer in her packets while she grabs a cup of cappuccino to drink.

At night, she will continue knitting or play with her cat, Cody with these cat gloves.  

These Thoughtfully Handmade Lovely Cat Plush Paw Gloves is made of comfortable cashmere. Nice cushion on the inside. Easy to dry wash. There may be some color difference due to lighting. 

Note: All orders are dispatched within 24 business hours. Deliveries take 7-15 business days and in rare cases 30+ business days.

    Reviews From Verified Buyers: 


    "I LOVE these pair of gloves! It keeps my hands warm at work!" - Giselle Bronson

    " I got my brown gloves within three weeks! Fantastic quality! "  - Kelly Grant

    " Love these cat gloves! Gonna wear them everyday for work! " - Taia Johnson

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