Adorable Fairy In-Ear Earbuds

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 1. These special, custom designed elf/fairy ear shaped earphones offer excellent voice reduction technology to produce perfect sound quality. 

 2. Ultra-soft ergonomic fit in-ear earbuds conform, and adapt instantly to your ears for a very comfortable fit.

 3. Features a wider frequency response for a better listening experience; inspiring full range sound with rich bass performance and crisp clear highs. 

 4. 3.5mm gold plated plug, built-in microphone, compatible with iPhone, Android, smart phones, tablets, laptops and all portable music players. 

 5. Adorable Cosplay gift for children as well as adult Cosplay. 



 1.  Everyone has a fairy, mythical dream laying deep down inside their heart. These long, beautiful, highly realistic silicone fairy ears can help bring you closer to that dream.  

 2. High sound quality. It is not just something you wear, but also a magnificent earphone/earpiece. This elf/fairy ear earbuds  features the best quality sounds, including high quality bass & alto, so that you can enjoy your favorite music all day, and also look great & stand out; forget the boring earphones you currently own. 

 3. We adopt and use a quality TPE high elastic line which can effectively prevent the cables from becoming tangled, and reduce friction with clothes; you don’t need to ever waste your time again untangling messy cables. 

 4. This elegant elf/fairy ear earphone is suitable for anyone. It is also a perfect gift for yourself, friend, relative and family. Good things always bring unexpected surprises; this can be a magnificent gift for anyone. 




  •  Plug: 3.5mm audio plug 
  •  Cable Length: 1 meter TPE round wire 
  •  Sensitivity: 91 ± 3db at 1kHz 
  •  Speaker Impedance: 32Ω ± 10% Ω 
  •  Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-20kHz 
  •  Speaker Diameter: 10mm 

    ​*This special, limited edition, custom made product,specially designed and manufactured by us*- Won't last long. We are selling out fast. Get yours today before we run out of inventory (NOT SOLD IN STORES).